How to be a 5-star guest


We’ve all heard about the horror stories about guests leaving damage and wrecking havoc on neighbours, so let’s examine what a 5-star guest is and what Airbnb and short stay hosts look for.

You want to present a good first impression and one of the ways is having previous reviews following your check outs.  If you you’re a first time guest, then you’re going to have to work hard for your credibility.  Leaving a lasting impression (a good one) can be challenging as hosts have different expectations especially when it comes to cleanliness and appropriate post check out states.

The main thing to remember is to leave the place as you found it.  That means leaving the space tidy, rubbish emptied, dishes put away and bed made or stripped, then that way you can surely put a smile on a host’s face.

If you want to go that extra mile then here are some other tips:

  • Leave a special note and/or a gift like a bottle of wine or chocolates
  • Bring your own products and do a quick clean and dust
  • Don’t leave poo dried in the toilet bowl (yeah it’s nasty, but that’s what service providers and hosts have to put up with)
  • Empty the dishwasher
  • Leave the sink empty
  • Wipe your toothpaste spit off the mirror
  • Please don’t wash the linen, hosts and service providers need to inspect it before it’s washed for any damage or spills
  • Pick up your black hairs off the bathroom floor!
  • Empty your bathroom and kitchen bins
  • Communicate with your guest that you have packed up and are leaving
  • Double check your check out time, nothing worse than the service provider showing up to do a changeover and you’re still there!
  • Stop complaining about every little thing and contacting the host about it!  Yes, sometimes it’s warranted, but don’t be a pest!  The host might be living overseas
  • Don’t lose the keys or take them with you
  • Empty and wipe the refrigerator
  • Turn the heaters, lights and TV off before you leave
  • If you’ve left bits of lint and dirt on the floor, vacuum or sweep it up!  It’s not hard to keep floors clean people!

If you want more information on how to impress your host, click here

What your Airbnb and Short Stay service provider needs to know


We tend to take things for granted a lot in this industry.  Hosts can sometimes forget to provide vital information to their service providers and vice-versa, but the most common are combinations, locations, and supplies.

So, you have a new service provider, someone who’s come to take care of your changeover and they’re not familiar with your property, you will have to keep in mind to give them correct instructions.

  • Always advise your service provider (especially if they’re new) of all your combinations to key locks, locks on linen and storage cages, and any key free entry to your front door.
  • Give them specific location of all linen, towels, tea towels and provision supplies.
  • Provide a rough layout of the property for easy orientation (you can download Properly for easy servicing checklists that sync with your Airbnb listing that transports all of your photos).
  • The correct address with apartment number is always helpful, so you don’t run the risk of your service provider getting lost.
  • If at all possible, keep microwaves at lower than height level, so it’s easier for the service provider to clean and so guests have easy access to avoid spills.  If there is no step ladder available, service providers run the risk of falls if stepping on a chair (Occupational Health and Safety issue here).
  • Provide your contact phone number and if you’re overseas your Skype ID, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp or other VOIP option so that service providers can contact you in case of emergency.
  • Advise of correct invoicing details.
  • Advise your service provider of any low provisions before they arrive to find out there’s no toilet paper or garbage bags, otherwise if the shops aren’t close by, the guest suffers with no provisions and that affects your rating!  It may be a good idea to check with the guest before they leave if you have a same day change over.
  • Have at least 2-3 sets of linen available for your service provider.
  • Have a reliable washer and dryer on site for onsite laundering by your service provider or guest if this is how you arrange your laundering.  Having a combination washer/dryer can take up to 5 hours to dry a two bed load of washing which could take up to three loads to complete.

Be aware that part of a successful Airbnb and short stay is communicating with your service providers.  It’s wise to have a back up in case your regular service provider is away, sick or fully booked.  If you don’t you run the risk of doing it yourself or it not being done if you don’t live close by.