Creative touches for your Short Stay that won’t cost the earth!

When you stand back and look at your short stay space, what do you see? Does it appear boring? Have you had feedback that says your space is plain, uninviting and missing something? So, what do you do? Ignore the feedback or get proactive and find a stylist who can assist or do it yourself.
So lets take a basic living area for example. It’s a simple contemporary space, a neutral coloured lounge with a few simple chairs and a basic white coffee table. You walk in and nothing catches your eye, so why not add these…? Beautiful colourful cushions to brighten up the room and add a sense of cuddly comfort.

                                                         Playful cushions for your lounge suite and living area
Then you think “hmmm…there’s still something missing”, you want to add more, but you’re still not sure what to add…here’s a few more ideas…
What about a little “sumfin, sumfin” adding a mirror above the lounge suite? I like the way this mirror makes the room pop!

                                                                                    A mirror frames a room
So there’s one more thing. Prints. Who can forget prints?! Humans love to look at beautiful colourful things. It all depends on your taste, but let’s just add a print(s) to an otherwise contemporary room. Check this out for some ideas:

                                            There are lots of places offering inexpensive prints for your walls
So, what’s next? Well what about a few knick knacks, vases, ornaments and other unusual pieces. There’s a myriad of candles or aroma therapy oils to choose from (although be careful with candles as it can be a safety and insurance issue). You can never run out of ideas and if you get stuck, you know where to find me to style your home!
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