End to servicing

About 12 months ago, I started to notice some dry spots on my left hand.  It usually occurred after ingesting soy or eating gluten, so when I’d stop, the rash would disappear.

A few months ago the rash started to spread and I found it harder to control and eliminate even when stopping the naughties I was eating and drinking that I was intolerant to.  In November both hands were now covered with an itchy eczema/dermatitis that hurt and stung.  My hands felt like they were burning from the inside out.  It got to the point that my skin split bleeding, were infected and weepy and so swollen that I couldn’t bend my joints any longer without my skin cracking.

I called the locum doctor service one night when my hands became so painful. He put me straight onto antibiotics and told me that I had severe contact dermatitis from the cleaning products I had used, and that I needed to cease all servicing immediately.  He advised me to quit the duties that I had grown to love over the three years of my business and focus on something else.

I don’t tend to like pharmaceutical medicine, so I took the antibiotics for two days and stopped.  I booked an appointment with my naturopath and I started a mostly green vegetable eating regime with the assistance of therapeutic probiotics, high quality fish oil, a liver cleanse, natural antihistamines, a manuka honey oil bodywash and unrefined shea butter for moisturising.

My hands have improved 80 percent.  They still itch, the redness, swelling and infection is gone, but at this point in time I have to be careful of what I touch and what I use on my hands.

I will NO LONGER be servicing any short term rentals and no new clients will be taken.  Sadly, what I enjoyed can no longer continue.  Health must come first.  Even though I used environmentally friendly products, I was still poisoned through breathing in vapours from spraying these products even though I used gloves most of the time.

If you’re a service provider using products for cleaning, wear a mask, gloves and long sleeves all the time and always wash your clothes immediately after work.  Being poisoned isn’t worth it.  Stay safe!

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