How to make guests feel welcome


When you first walk into a hotel, it can feel a little sterile and monotonous. When you walk into a short stay rental, whether it be via the Airbnb platform or other, you want to walk into a home, not a hotel. Guests who book on these platforms are looking for escapes away in a comfortable home, not a hotel, otherwise they wouldn’t have booked with you. So, how do you make a guest feel welcome in your humble abode? It depends upon the guest, but you cannot cater to everybody, but you can put some things in place that will leave an impression with your guests and help them to feel welcome.

  • Leave a bottle of wine – A bottle of wine is always a nice gesture to leave for couples, but not for everybody, especially if they don’t drink, but if they don’t, usually guests either leave it alone or put it in the fridge.
  • Leave a personal note – You can either leave a personal note on some beautiful stationery, use a black board or white board or send them a message via text or the Airbnb platform (if that’s the company you’re using for your listing).
  • Personal meet and greet – This is great if your space is a private room, as the guest stays with you in your own home. If you prefer to meet and greet for an entire property, make sure you are in regular contact for meet up/check in times. You want don’t what your guests to feel lost or abandoned, so guide them with effective communication. Once you meet them, ask them open ended questions about their trip. Be helpful and offer to be of assistance, but limit yourself to your availability. You don’t want someone owning your spare time for every minute query.
  • Leave a care package – Hotels usually have a bar fridge full of alcohol and snacks. Keep it simple and creative to put together your own. Bread and particular sweets or biscuits are popular, but what about something a little more gourmet? There is a risk though if your guests have allergies and can’t eat certain foods, but you could always ask your guests in advance if you don’t mind sharing the surprise of a nice care pack.

Basic actions can make anyone feel welcome. You don’t have to spend exorbitant amounts of money to help guests feel welcome, all you have to do is think about what you’d like if it was you as the guest and go from there. If you’ve ever spent time in a short stay before, think about how you felt welcome or didn’t feel welcome. Don’t over think it. It’s all about the experience and creating something special, than do nothing and leave the guest feeling insignificant.

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