Important things to know when renting out your short stay accommodation or Airbnb

What is it that has you swooning over a website, looking at a potential home to stay in whilst on business or trip away? What do you look for?
Most people look at the image and presentation of the property first to see what it’s like inside. Professional photos make all the difference in your property listing being seen up the scale or never to be contacted down the bottom of the listing. But what makes the professional photos stand out? Decor.
So you thought you might just buy some stuff on Gumtree and dress it up a little to start your bookings off with a few bookings. Then, slowly bookings seem to drop off and decline and you’re wondering why you’re at the bottom of the list and not seeing any bookings for weeks. Well, let’s have a look at this issue.
You can’t dress up mutton as lamb as they say. You can fake it, but fakes are usually trying to hide something or it’s just not working for them. If you’re going to use “everyone’s IKEA furniture”, be unique with your ornaments or soft furnishings such as cushions, throws, prints, vases etc. Go op-shopping or vintage, or look at other homeware/linen stores for some variety.
Uniqueness is what “sells” your space. Being the same as everyone else is average, so if people want average, they check into a hotel not a short stay home away from home. You may have a great view, but is your bed comfortable, clean and with incredible linen? Kmart patterned linen doesn’t cut it. If you really do need to go basic, choose a waffle quilt cover set, but find an amazing throw blanket or cushions. With so much selection, there’s no excuse for BORING!
Save a little to engage an interior designer. A designer or stylist sees what you can’t see and if you want to move up the ladder on your Airbnb listing, get your place looking amazing with a little help. It’s better to be clueless and hire a visionary, than to do nothing and lose income.
Think about it…what have you got to lose?

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